Mix is a platform that takes the coolest stuff on the internet, concentrates it, curates it, then drops it right into your hands. It’s inspired by the idea that while we are constantly served an avalanche of personalized content, finding something that sparks a real interest is like finding a needle in a haystack. Mix remedies this by going deeper than what you like and who you know, unearthing finds that are real, delightful surprises.

For a platform that celebrates creativity and curiosity, Character created a logo that was just as expressive. It features several components that twist, weave, and blend into something greater than the sum of their identities. Components that are always able to transform again.

For out of home applications, we harnessed the negative space in the mark and the personality of dripping paint to create a visual metaphor that illustrates Mix’s ability to curate a robust blend of content. The visual identity transcends to UI elements, loading and refresh icons play like dynamic dollops of paint that rotate through different, vibrant hues.


  • Creative Director: Ben Pham
  • Designers: Ed O'Brien, Christy Silva